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HELLO, my name is Brandon and I have trained people looking to lose body fat and tone up by putting them through a specific regimen that has helped them lose up to 30 pounds in less than a year. I am fully certified by NESTA with experience in High Intensity interval training, dance, gymnastics, and acupressure massage therapy.

MY MISSION as a fitness professional I am here to help you create a better way of life through good habits. So when I train you I am not only training you for a quick fix, but addressing the issue of health as a whole and that includes lifestyle changes in mind, body, and spirit. I provide real life solutions for well being to live a life full of energy, vitality, happiness and self love through growth.

THE VISION: Passionate about helping individuals reach their peak performance and top of your game by incorporating an active lifestyle, encouragement, inspiration and fitness. My goal is not to sell my services. My goal is to help provide good health and create a healthy society by sharing my experiences with the world.

Lets take a journey…

that will allow you to discover your true potential self. The steps I give you will be easy if you apply yourself and I guarantee, you will experience the effects of better health as well as learn to love and value yourself more as an individual. I will help you save time by giving you new, innovative and safe ways to take your fitness to the next level that have been proven to bring results towards a FIT MIND, FIT BODY, and FIT SPIRIT.


There is no commitment to be made, no catch, no nothing unless you feel a connection with my program and you feel deep down that it can help you change your life.

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Life is a race, literally!

Do you remember a time in life when you felt excited, how about a time felt doubt, had an epiphany, or a time you remember feeling so much joy you were cheering from the top of your lungs, or a time you went so far out of your comfort zone that you asked yourself, why the heck did I do that? We all have these feelings at different times in our life, but what if you could have it all in one day in one event? You’re probably asking, “Brandon what can I do in one day that can bring all these different feelings out in me?”


And I would say The Spartan Race will do exactly that.  About 2 months ago I had attended a Spartan Beast race and it ended up being one of the toughest things I have ever physically done.


If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what the Spartan race is here is the jest. There are many different race tiers the first three are for sane  and the next three are for super humans and the last one which is not for humans of any kind known as the “Death Race”. “The Sprint” which is 5 miles and 15+ obstacle course, “the Super which is 8 miles and 20+ obstacle courses, “the Beast” which is a half marathon and 25+ obstacle courses and then there is the “Death Race” which is basically a multi day obstacle course race with limited resources, shelter, sleep, and water in the middle of nowhere. Each tier of the race gets longer and harder and the makers of it do not try to truncate or make it easier by any means. They will test you and push you to your limit like what the beast had done to me. .


Let me put this race into perspective for you a little bit.  It was 12 miles race with 25 obstacle courses that if you did not complete you had to do 30 burpees for each obstacle in 103 degree weather.  The terrain was all sand and slippery rocks that you can easily sprain your ankles on if you were not careful.  There was a water station every mile to a mile and a half which in the grueling heat and rough up and downhill terrain felt like 5 miles and the best part was that it was all open land so that meant very limited to no shade what so ever.  I would tell you that I had trained properly for this but that would be a lie.  I thought I had an idea of what to expect completing the 5 miles spartan sprint race but when I actually did it turned out to be a completely different beast than I had expected.

If you have met anyone or have started a conversation with someone that has done the spartan race you will never hear them say, “the Spartan race was a piece of cake.  I smiled the whole way through it and gave everyone high fives along the way.”  On the contrary you would probably hear them say, “I was miserable the whole way, it was so hot and I cramped like a mother going into that cold mud water.”  I should know because that is what I told my friend when he asked me how the Spartan Race went.  Hearing that you may think then why the heck did you sign up for it if you were that miserable? My answer would be because I knew I would be miserable and it would be a challenge.


The spartan race pulls together a community of people from all different races, ages, ethnicity and fitness background to get outside of their comfort zone and seek a challenge.  Once you pass that start line it’s all teamwork from there.  You will see no shortage of people helping each other get through obstacles, high fiving and encouraging each other to finish.   if you ask me I would say that was one of the main reasons why I did it was because of the community..  We all love to connect, cheer for each other, and drink beer at the end for a job well done.


All in all I ended up finishing a 12.1 mile race with 25 obstacle courses in 4 hours and 25 minutes and it was the best worst experience of my life.  I made a couple friends, got a little bumps and bruises (a lot), went through mud, and ran in the hottest weather imaginable, but I would do it all over again because once I crossed that finish line I felt like I had conquered the world and despite the hardships, it was all worth it for that medal and free beer.


They have Spartan Races all throughout the year and I encourage you to try one if you have never done it before.  I train as well train other people for these races in person or through online training, so if you are interested please visit www.brandonjchau.com for more info. It is quite the experience and you get free beer! Who doesn’t like free beer? If you are scared after what I have told you remember this saying from an unknown Spartan!



The best first workout you will ever do….


Are you new to the gym and not sure what to do?

Then you have come to the right blog post because I have a workout for you that will kick you into high gear and the best part is NO GYM REQUIRED!  You can do it in the comfort of your own home and should not take more than 30 minutes. So here we go, but first here are some facts.

Stretching is key


Stretching is just as important as a workout.  As a dancer I have found out the hard way how important stretching really is.  I have personally been injured countless amounts of times because of the stretching I did not do.  Not only does it keep you from injuring yourself but it helps loosen up your body to reap the full benefits of a workout.  Stretching also promotes better muscles growth, flexibility and strength.  When you workout what you are basically doing is tearing your muscles because more muscle is being produced in your body, and when that happens you get really sore for a couple of days.  So when you stretch you are beginning the tearing process allowing more muscle to be produced as you workout than if you never stretched at all.  It’s basically like a grocery bag and a trash bag.  When you don’t stretch you body is like a small grocery bag, but when you do stretch your body is like a trash bag allowing more stuff (muscle) to fit in the bag.  So do a light stretch before your workout and a light one after to help reap the full benefits of your workout session.

The first 30 minutes


It is a proven fact that your body gets the most benefit from a workout the first 30 minutes you workout.  So once you get into the gym you want to hit it hard because after 30 minutes your body’s reaction to the workout begins to decline.  The best workout to get your body going and to lose body fat percentage those first 30 minutes are high intensity max reps workouts.  Pretend that you have an energy level from 1- 10, 1 being you not exerting any energy at all and 10 being you just cannot stand anymore because of the beastly workout you just did.  Some people go to the gym and they slowly get started on their workout and when they workout they stop for while, rest, go on their phone, talk or linger and you don’t want to do that.  You want to go from an energy level of 1 straight to a 7 or 8.  When you do that you shock your body in a way it is not used to because you go straight from not exerting any energy at all to sweating a river.  Over time this helps speed up your bodies metabolism and helps give you more energy to do a better workout.  So for the first 30 minutes pick a workout that is going to make you sweat and push.

6 minutes of hell


If you do not have any workout in mind here is one that will get you sweating and your heart pumping.  I call it “6 minutes of hell” because that is what it feels like when you are doing it but when you are done you will feel alive.  It’s a whole workout session in only 6 minutes and if you are brave enough you can increase the time to 8, 10, or even 12 minutes as you get stronger and stronger.

6 minutes of hell consists of: 4 workouts, 30 seconds each, 3 times.

Sounds easy enough rights?  You go at your own pace, you can go however fast or slow you want to go, but the key thing about this workout is that you do not stop for 6 whole minutes.  This is great to get your body straight from a 1 to a 7 or 8 in seconds.

You can do any four variations of your own workouts, but the four workout I usually do are high knees, squat push ups, alternating lunges and mountain

climbers and I will explain each workout below.

High knees: you bend your elbows 90 degrees and march both knees up to touch your hands

Squat push-ups: bend your knees to a low squat position and fall forward, catching yourself with your hands and pushing yourself back up to the low squat position you started with.

Alternating lunges: put your hands on your waist while lunging one leg forward and one leg with the knees touching the ground and alternate the legs by jumping into the lunge.

Mountain climbers: go in push-up position with your butt up and bring each leg forward one at a time like you are sprinting up a steep mountain.

With this you are basically doing a full body workout in 6 minutes.  This will help with lowering your body fat percentage and increasing your energy, stamina and endurance levels.  The best this about this workout is that you can customize it to the way you want it.  You don’t have to choose the 4 workouts I mentioned, but you can pick your own as long as you do each for 30 seconds and don’t stop for 6 minutes.  You’ll hate it at the time but when you start seeing results you will not regret it.


Give me:

100 Jumping jacks (easy)

100 Jump ropes (easy)


20 Push ups and 20 sit ups (4 sets)

Too easy for you?  Jack up the numbers and challenge yourself!

This will do wonders for your body and will get your heart beating.  When done with the workout don’t forget to……..



Your body does not get the full benefit of a workout if you do not sleep.  Sleeping is essential to recovery because when you sleep what your body is doing is repairing the torn muscle from your workout, and the more you sleep the more energy you have the next day to start your workout session all over again.

So get started with the best first workout you will ever do.  Enjoy!


Juggling Life


LIFE, it’s kind of like juggling the three balls above. You wake up start with something simple like brushing your teeth and then your onto the next thing.  Eventually, things start to pile up and your going going going and all of the sudden, YOU STOP. you take a break you wind down maybe even go to toastmasters to listen to a speech on juggling and then things start to pile up again. That’s life! You don’t know what it is going throw at you but you manage to juggle all of it day in and day out! It may get messy once in awhile and you may fall, but you always manage to pick yourself back up and continue juggling life.  That is life explained to you with these three balls and they have taught me a lot.


I never wanted to be a clown or in a circus, no not like that, but the whole physics of juggling always intrigued me.  I remember As a kid I would pick up random items, throw them in the air attempting to juggle and would fail. I would become frustrated because I could never comprehend being able to manipulate 3 objects with two hands, it seemed out of this world and physically impossible.  By nature I am a curious person so therefore anything slightly intriguing to me I have to learn about. However, I had a bad habit of starting something and finding excuses to eventually stop and moving on to the next thing.  I am sure many people can relate.  It was like that with many things until I had stumbled on this video on YouTube.



The title of it is “The first 20 hours” by Josh Kaufman.  It was a Ted Talk that taught you how to learn anything you want in a span of 20 hours.  It states that to be an expert in something you need at least 10,000 hours, but to be good at something all you need is 20 hours.  You can watch the video to hear the specific details, but I took that challenge and incorporated everything he talked about and applied it to juggling.  


Everyday for about an hour after waking up from bed I would spend my time learning key information on how to juggle.  What frustrated me was not that I could not keep up the balls but rather I had to constantly pick up the fallen balls Just like life, the hardest part is picking yourself up after you fail just like juggling.  I picked them up constantly that my lower back started to hurt from bending down to pick up the balls over and over in a span of 30 minutes.  But I stuck with it and no matter how frustrated I got I pushed through.  After a couple weeks I started to become better; however I would move around like an ape excited to see a banana because I did not have steady control of the balls, but Overtime I eventually learned how to control it and boy was it a workout…not just for your body but mind as well. I remember concentrating so hard I would begin to sweat. I never thought I would finally be able to juggle but I did. By committing myself to 20 hours I was able to perfect the sport of three ball juggling and through it I found out how my brain learned new things and how my body adapted after a period of time


I came across an article about how juggling was being used for patients with brain trauma to help get some of their functionality back in their bodies and how it is not the act of juggling that actually helps the patient get better but instead  the act of picking up the balls and starting all over that actually helps them improve.


Something that you don’t know about me is that I am a head trauma survivor.  Two years ago I was parkouring in a school and decided to make an attempt to jump on a 5 foot brick wall.  I landed, but lost my footing and slipped back on cement with my head breaking my fall.


This was the result. And another thing about me looking at this picture is that I love to take selfies, in fact I really really like to take selfies lol. Luckily I was fine physically but the fall quickly altered my mental state making life a little mundane for a span of 2 years.  Just like juggling I eventually got through my slump and persisted to get well…


Juggling taught me to focus and be patient and to always pick myself back up, and the mere act of picking up after I have failed started to become a habit and eventually applied in other areas of my life.  I had created a simple habit in my mind through mere repetition that carried over to my life and eventually started to change me as a person.  I never thought I would be the kind of person that was able to pick himself up so easily after i failed at something, but because of juggling I created a mind that was able to handle failure and setbacks.  


As a society we always go go go and never stick with just one thing so pick something you have always wanted to learn and go for it.  It all starts with that first ball and eventually if you stick with it and don’t give up amazing things will start to happen.



Crumbling Negative thoughts

So when I mention crumbling your negative thoughts, you would think that i was using it as a metaphor because you are probably thinking, how do you crumble a negative thought like crumpling a piece of paper?  It is physically impossible, but in the mind anything is possible.  

The mind cannot distinguish the difference between a real life situation and a made up situation you conjure up in your head.  So in your head you use a thing called the imagination and in your imagination there is no limit to what you can do.  When you go to sleep and you have a very bad dream called a nightmare, and the act of having a nightmare is all in your head but you wake up you find yourself breathing very hard, sweating, or in some way shape or form physically affected by the dream.  That is because it might have been scary, it might have brought up a past memory or something bad might have happened.  But when you wake up you come to find that none of that stuff actually happened, but what you imagined in your brain made it a reality for your body.  So if you can do that when you are asleep, why can’t you do that when you are awake?  To do this you have to be persistent and consistent until it becomes a habit.  I find that this is useful in my life when a negative thought comes up in my head.  I picture that negative thought and Imagine that negative thought on a piece of paper and just like a piece of paper you can crumble it, throw it away and there is a new sheet right behind it.  So I imagine having that negative thought fully drawn out on that piece of paper with a pen and then crumbling it, throw it away and I have a new sheet of paper for a new thought I can make positive.

I tend to be a pretty positive person all the time, but there is every now and then that a negative thought creeps its way in and I find it lounging in my head and the thought get much bigger than I want it to.  So when that happens I literally crumble my negative thoughts in my head and pull open a new sheet of paper for a new thought which I try to make positive.  I tried this for a couple days and nothing was happening, but then as time went on I was persistent about it and I saw how powerful my mind was at clearing out negative thoughts through my imagination.  If you are skeptical, don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself for three weeks.  What do you have to lose? Nothing?  You are always constantly thinking anyways so why not use your thinking time to try out a new technique to get rid of those negative thoughts so you can live a more positive life.  

The mind is a powerful thing and there is not one specific way to use your mind.  Everyone thinks differently and everyone copes with things differently.  This is just how I cope with my thoughts that I have and they seem to work for me.  So try it out and be creative about how you use your mind and the more you are creative about it the more you will begin to see that there are no limits to what you can do through your mind.



Just do it

I know it is a cliche, but that term really does apply and can make a real difference in your life.  I have found that 75 percent of success is just showing up.  So many people are presented with so many opportunities to do so many different things and end up not doing it because they are scared, they are lazy, they don’t think they are worthy and the list of excuses just goes on.  Being a yes man really does pay off because saying yes to things opens up so many new doors to things that you would have never imagined.  I remember that I was once presented an opportunity to do something that I had a passion for, but I had denied it because I was scared that I would fail at it and my mind would circulate about all the things that could go wrong if I did it.  it was a big responsibility on me.  And now that I see it, I should have taken it because failure is a part of success, you cannot be successful without failing.  If you never fail, you are playing it too safe in life and will never get anywhere if you do not fail.  So, if you have an amazing opportunity that is presented to you, go for it even though there is a chance of failure.  You never know if you never try.  As Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you do not take”. 

That applies in life as well.  You miss 100% of the opportunities you do not take in life.  I have had so much success just showing up to things with no expectation.  Whether it be meeting a contact, learning something new, or getting a job from it.  It is never a loss for you if you have the right attitude and just accept anything and everything that is given to you in that opportunity.  Life is game of inches; one inch can make the difference between winning and losing.  So don’t miss that inch and Just Do It….


Brandon J Chau

Face Your Fears

It turns out that every human being in the world has a fear of something and so do I.  The difference in a person that stays with that fear and gets over it is if he or she is willing to face, embrace and have a positive relationship with fears.  I think that I have had a good relationship with fear these last few months.  I have gone and met my fears face on like going to interviews I don’t like, giving speeches, talking to people I don’t really want to talk to, go for my personal training business, face my boss with confidence and many other things.

I have learned many things facing my fears.  One big thing I learned is that my fears are not real.  When I first moved into my house I was so scared that someone was in my house and never liked the dark in my house when I went to sleep.  But as I lived longer by myself there was a certain peace I gained in the silence and in the darkness.  My fear began to be my peace of mind.  My mind had transformed my fear into something I was so thankful for.  I loved being in the dark alone and being by myself.  I never again felt like there was someone in my house with me.  I use to hesitate to go downstairs in the dark but now I do not even second guess it.  I think I was able to get through this because I was able to form a meaningful relationship with this fear of being alone in the dark.  I started to appreciate silence and my alone time. Never again did I feel the anxiety and the grip of fear strangling me in the neck.  I had embraced it and I faced it head on.  And it became like this for many things through exposure and mere repetition and the act of me forming a positive relationship with my fear that helped me change my perspective in life.  Now I know too well that fear is all just an illusion and that perspective is different for each person.  My fear for other things began to dissipate and I began to stand up for myself more and be more confident in my actions and decisions.  

Facing my fears affected every area of my life and I started to live more and more everyday.  William Wallace said that, “every man dies, but not every man lives’.  And I think this is so because of fear.  Fear cripples us from living the life that we really want to live.  It keeps us in a box that we feel comfortable and safe in.  I never knew how much of a box I was in until I started to break out of it.  Now the norm is to break out of my box every chance I get so that I can live the life that I want to live everyday.  

Cheers everyone

Goals: Prepare your ship to set sail

What excites you?  What is the reason you get out of bed everyday?  What is your dream life?  What is your ultimate goal?

A goal is like a ship following a planned out route..

Let me paint a picture for you.  Some of you may have heard this analogy from a famous speaker named Earl Nightingale.  Imagine a boat all ready to set sail on an open voyage across the sea, but it had no captain, no route, no crew, or passengers.  Now 99.9 times out of 100 that boat will probably end up on a deserted island or eventually become shipwrecked because it had no specific course or persons manning the ship.  That is like a person without a goal.  A specifically thought out goal is like a ship with a crew, a route, and passengers all eagerly setting off to its destination.  It’s hard to feel like you are going anywhere without a goal in mind and that is why I believe many people struggle to find anything fulfilling is because they have no eagerness to get to a destination.  Now when you get a goal, it does not mean you stress over it and meticulously plan out all the little details to get to that goal.  Goals are meant to be a smooth journey that excites you every time you think about it.  Just like the ship that has a planned out route with a captain and crew following it, it will sail smoothly until it hit its destination and just like the ship you can do the same with your goals.  So here is how you can start:

Have a specific goal in mind and think about it every single day for 10-20 minutes and doing that will allow you to set the specific actions needed to accomplish that goal, thoughts become action.  You have to be consistent about this.

Now keep in mind that this will not happen overnight.  Usually most goals take a while to accomplish, and some not so long.  Goals are not meant to be stressed over, but are meant to help fuel you and excite you to get up in the morning. If you are not use to this start off with small 30 day goals first and as you start accomplishing them make bigger and bigger ones and you will see that you have accomplished more goals than you expected to.  To accomplish this make three list of goals, a 30 day one, a 1 year one and a 5 year one and write it down.  Now right after you get up every day think about those goals and just picture them in your head right before you start and end your day and if something throws you off from setting that goal don’t feel guilty, but use it as a learning point.

I find that when people as well as myself get thrown off track that they become discouraged or guilty for not being perfect.  The real truth is that, no one in this world is perfect, and we are going to fail, but you can either stay down after getting knocked out or you can get up.  It is up to you, I’d rather endure a little bit of pain instead of regret.  You have to learn to let go of the feeling of shame and guilt if you are going to accomplish any goal because if you don’t all you will be doing is wasting your time with those negative thoughts instead of being proactive with accomplishing your goals.

Achieving your goals is like a muscle, you get better at achieving them over time.  So plan out small goals for yourself like writing in a journal everyday for a month, no tv after 10 for a month, or even wake up at 6 am to do a short workout everyday for a month.  The more goals you accomplish the better you get at achieving your ultimate goal in life.  So do something your future self will thank you for and always get up after failure and do not lose sight of your goals.  Have a vision and a goal planned out to get your dream life. You will not regret it.  Now start making some goals and get excited to wake up everyday in life.

Trust your journey


It’s funny how things come together when you least expect it.  For example the important things that came into my life simply came out of my passion for doing them and me not trying to hard to get them.  I was very goal oriented and would focus on the goals on a daily basis but did not stress over them too much.  The things I ruminate about and was thinking about too much never came into fruition. 

Fitness was something I was never considering to be something that would make such an impact on my life.  Through fitness I found a community and a calling to help people to achieve their own greatness and not compare themselves to anyone else.  I never expected fitness to be such a big aspect of my life and a way of living.  Before three years ago I would have never even step foot in a gym but one thing came after another and my life kind of drifted into that path.  That is the lesson I want to point out here is to go with the flow and don’t force it.  If you follow your gut feeling and think that it’s right take little steps in that direction and watch it flourish.  I took little steps to my fitness journey. 

It all started when I was tired of the lifestyle that I was living.  I had no energy, tired, couldn’t focus and was not too proud of my body and that affected my confidence.  I saw that as a lifestyle and I was unhappy.  Because of the support I saw fitness as a last result and told myself that I would go to the gym every single day for a month at 5am before work for an hour and see what results came out of it.  A month passed and by then fitness because a lifestyle for me.  I was addicted and obsessed with improving my life through fitness.  It was an aha moment when i started seeing physical and mental results and I was not the same person and will never be the same person I was again before I started my fitness journey.  Everyone has greatness in them, they just have to take that leap of faith and go through the process of being great.  It’s like being sick; when you are sick your body hurts and you are going through so much pain that sometimes it is hard to imagine what if feels like not being sick until you get better.  Fitness is the same thing you have to be willing to go through a little pain in the beginning and eventually you will reap the benefits of your hard work and begin to see the positive changes you will make.  I was the same way; I was so unhappy and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel but then I persisted and consistent and over time the light grew closer and closer.  A lot of people say they don’t have time, but you have 128 hours in a week.  I’m sure in that time there is 4 hours you can put away to focus on your fitness.  That’s an hour a day for 4 days which is only 1 percent of your day.  There are many things that can help you to make the transition to a fit life or to do anything you are passionate about.  The resources are there you just have to be willing to take that leap of faith and believe that you can do it.  So what are you waiting for let the journey begin and if you do not know how to begin read my next blog I am going to put up to help you.  Sometimes we need a little push and that is what I am here for.

Brandon J Chau

MIND your fitness

Your fitness depends more on your mind than your physical body.  You can always go harder, lift more, run faster than you think. It is your body that gets in the way.  We get tired, we get lazy, feel as if we do not have time and when all those things come into play we end up not taking any action to get fit. I know because I went through that at one point.

Before you start in your fitness journey there is one thing you have to start with first and that is to have the right mindset.  Mindset is everything; it is what will push you and what will give you the determination to reach your goals.  Your mind is like a soiled piece of land.  Whatever you plant in that soil it will give you in return.  If you plant weeds it will give you an abundance of weeds, but if you plant corn, it will give you a fresh harvest of corn.  Believe in what you can achieve is the first step before you start anything.

For me fitness was a last resort after recovering from a bad head injury.  So I set in my mind that I would go to the gym everyday for a full month before I had to go to work and even on the weekends.  I set that in my mind and took the action to do it and I did.  After a month, fitness became a habit and a lifestyle.  I saw many areas in my life starting to change including my mental focus, my physical body, my happiness, and the quality of life I was living.  I don’t want to make you feel like fitness has to be a last resort before you start, but want to make you realize that you have to set a goal and set your mind into achieving that goal.  If you do that it will be much easier to take the action necessary to get you where you want to be.

Steps to take:

  1. Ask yourself why you want to get fit.  Is it to look better, feel better, get stronger or etc.?
  2. Then implement a plan of action to start with.  Figure out an end goal and list out    little small goals you can achieve to get to that end goal.  You can’t get from A-Z without first going to B, C, or D.  Fitness is all about progressing and being patient by taking little steps to achieve an ultimate goal.
  3. Find someone to keep you accountable.  It is a lot easier to get fit when you are doing it in a community.  Whether it be your best friend, a personal trainer, your mother or father or even your dog, find that one person that will keep you accountable to your fitness goals and will push you to go to the gym when you least feel like it.
  4. Next you have to go to the gym when you least feel like it.  The more you do this the easier it will be to get your butt to the gym instead of Netflix and chilling on your couch with a bag of Doritos.  Force yourself even when you are tired, you will not regret it.
  5. Last but not least be persistent and consistent.  Persistence gets you what you want, but consistency makes sure you keep what you want.  You need both to be successful.

So what are you waiting for?  Be your own hero and take action with these steps I have listed for you above to create a fit mind fit body fit spirit.  What do you have to lose?  The time is going to pass by anyways.  Mine as well use it doing something productive.