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HELLO, my name is Brandon and I have trained people looking to lose body fat and tone up by putting them through a specific regimen that has helped them lose up to 30 pounds in less than a year. I am fully certified by NESTA with experience in High Intensity interval training, dance, gymnastics, and acupressure massage therapy.

MY MISSION as a fitness professional I am here to help you create a better way of life through good habits. So when I train you I am not only training you for a quick fix, but addressing the issue of health as a whole and that includes lifestyle changes in mind, body, and spirit. I provide real life solutions for well being to live a life full of energy, vitality, happiness and self love through growth.

THE VISION: Passionate about helping individuals reach their peak performance and top of your game by incorporating an active lifestyle, encouragement, inspiration and fitness. My goal is not to sell my services. My goal is to help provide good health and create a healthy society by sharing my experiences with the world.

Lets take a journey…

that will allow you to discover your true potential self. The steps I give you will be easy if you apply yourself and I guarantee, you will experience the effects of better health as well as learn to love and value yourself more as an individual. I will help you save time by giving you new, innovative and safe ways to take your fitness to the next level that have been proven to bring results towards a FIT MIND, FIT BODY, and FIT SPIRIT.


There is no commitment to be made, no catch, no nothing unless you feel a connection with my program and you feel deep down that it can help you change your life.

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Now go kill it #FITFAM…..

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