The best first workout you will ever do….


Are you new to the gym and not sure what to do?

Then you have come to the right blog post because I have a workout for you that will kick you into high gear and the best part is NO GYM REQUIRED!  You can do it in the comfort of your own home and should not take more than 30 minutes. So here we go, but first here are some facts.

Stretching is key


Stretching is just as important as a workout.  As a dancer I have found out the hard way how important stretching really is.  I have personally been injured countless amounts of times because of the stretching I did not do.  Not only does it keep you from injuring yourself but it helps loosen up your body to reap the full benefits of a workout.  Stretching also promotes better muscles growth, flexibility and strength.  When you workout what you are basically doing is tearing your muscles because more muscle is being produced in your body, and when that happens you get really sore for a couple of days.  So when you stretch you are beginning the tearing process allowing more muscle to be produced as you workout than if you never stretched at all.  It’s basically like a grocery bag and a trash bag.  When you don’t stretch you body is like a small grocery bag, but when you do stretch your body is like a trash bag allowing more stuff (muscle) to fit in the bag.  So do a light stretch before your workout and a light one after to help reap the full benefits of your workout session.

The first 30 minutes


It is a proven fact that your body gets the most benefit from a workout the first 30 minutes you workout.  So once you get into the gym you want to hit it hard because after 30 minutes your body’s reaction to the workout begins to decline.  The best workout to get your body going and to lose body fat percentage those first 30 minutes are high intensity max reps workouts.  Pretend that you have an energy level from 1- 10, 1 being you not exerting any energy at all and 10 being you just cannot stand anymore because of the beastly workout you just did.  Some people go to the gym and they slowly get started on their workout and when they workout they stop for while, rest, go on their phone, talk or linger and you don’t want to do that.  You want to go from an energy level of 1 straight to a 7 or 8.  When you do that you shock your body in a way it is not used to because you go straight from not exerting any energy at all to sweating a river.  Over time this helps speed up your bodies metabolism and helps give you more energy to do a better workout.  So for the first 30 minutes pick a workout that is going to make you sweat and push.

6 minutes of hell


If you do not have any workout in mind here is one that will get you sweating and your heart pumping.  I call it “6 minutes of hell” because that is what it feels like when you are doing it but when you are done you will feel alive.  It’s a whole workout session in only 6 minutes and if you are brave enough you can increase the time to 8, 10, or even 12 minutes as you get stronger and stronger.

6 minutes of hell consists of: 4 workouts, 30 seconds each, 3 times.

Sounds easy enough rights?  You go at your own pace, you can go however fast or slow you want to go, but the key thing about this workout is that you do not stop for 6 whole minutes.  This is great to get your body straight from a 1 to a 7 or 8 in seconds.

You can do any four variations of your own workouts, but the four workout I usually do are high knees, squat push ups, alternating lunges and mountain

climbers and I will explain each workout below.

High knees: you bend your elbows 90 degrees and march both knees up to touch your hands

Squat push-ups: bend your knees to a low squat position and fall forward, catching yourself with your hands and pushing yourself back up to the low squat position you started with.

Alternating lunges: put your hands on your waist while lunging one leg forward and one leg with the knees touching the ground and alternate the legs by jumping into the lunge.

Mountain climbers: go in push-up position with your butt up and bring each leg forward one at a time like you are sprinting up a steep mountain.

With this you are basically doing a full body workout in 6 minutes.  This will help with lowering your body fat percentage and increasing your energy, stamina and endurance levels.  The best this about this workout is that you can customize it to the way you want it.  You don’t have to choose the 4 workouts I mentioned, but you can pick your own as long as you do each for 30 seconds and don’t stop for 6 minutes.  You’ll hate it at the time but when you start seeing results you will not regret it.


Give me:

100 Jumping jacks (easy)

100 Jump ropes (easy)


20 Push ups and 20 sit ups (4 sets)

Too easy for you?  Jack up the numbers and challenge yourself!

This will do wonders for your body and will get your heart beating.  When done with the workout don’t forget to……..



Your body does not get the full benefit of a workout if you do not sleep.  Sleeping is essential to recovery because when you sleep what your body is doing is repairing the torn muscle from your workout, and the more you sleep the more energy you have the next day to start your workout session all over again.

So get started with the best first workout you will ever do.  Enjoy!