Crumbling Negative thoughts

So when I mention crumbling your negative thoughts, you would think that i was using it as a metaphor because you are probably thinking, how do you crumble a negative thought like crumpling a piece of paper?  It is physically impossible, but in the mind anything is possible.  

The mind cannot distinguish the difference between a real life situation and a made up situation you conjure up in your head.  So in your head you use a thing called the imagination and in your imagination there is no limit to what you can do.  When you go to sleep and you have a very bad dream called a nightmare, and the act of having a nightmare is all in your head but you wake up you find yourself breathing very hard, sweating, or in some way shape or form physically affected by the dream.  That is because it might have been scary, it might have brought up a past memory or something bad might have happened.  But when you wake up you come to find that none of that stuff actually happened, but what you imagined in your brain made it a reality for your body.  So if you can do that when you are asleep, why can’t you do that when you are awake?  To do this you have to be persistent and consistent until it becomes a habit.  I find that this is useful in my life when a negative thought comes up in my head.  I picture that negative thought and Imagine that negative thought on a piece of paper and just like a piece of paper you can crumble it, throw it away and there is a new sheet right behind it.  So I imagine having that negative thought fully drawn out on that piece of paper with a pen and then crumbling it, throw it away and I have a new sheet of paper for a new thought I can make positive.

I tend to be a pretty positive person all the time, but there is every now and then that a negative thought creeps its way in and I find it lounging in my head and the thought get much bigger than I want it to.  So when that happens I literally crumble my negative thoughts in my head and pull open a new sheet of paper for a new thought which I try to make positive.  I tried this for a couple days and nothing was happening, but then as time went on I was persistent about it and I saw how powerful my mind was at clearing out negative thoughts through my imagination.  If you are skeptical, don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself for three weeks.  What do you have to lose? Nothing?  You are always constantly thinking anyways so why not use your thinking time to try out a new technique to get rid of those negative thoughts so you can live a more positive life.  

The mind is a powerful thing and there is not one specific way to use your mind.  Everyone thinks differently and everyone copes with things differently.  This is just how I cope with my thoughts that I have and they seem to work for me.  So try it out and be creative about how you use your mind and the more you are creative about it the more you will begin to see that there are no limits to what you can do through your mind.




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