Face Your Fears

It turns out that every human being in the world has a fear of something and so do I.  The difference in a person that stays with that fear and gets over it is if he or she is willing to face, embrace and have a positive relationship with fears.  I think that I have had a good relationship with fear these last few months.  I have gone and met my fears face on like going to interviews I don’t like, giving speeches, talking to people I don’t really want to talk to, go for my personal training business, face my boss with confidence and many other things.

I have learned many things facing my fears.  One big thing I learned is that my fears are not real.  When I first moved into my house I was so scared that someone was in my house and never liked the dark in my house when I went to sleep.  But as I lived longer by myself there was a certain peace I gained in the silence and in the darkness.  My fear began to be my peace of mind.  My mind had transformed my fear into something I was so thankful for.  I loved being in the dark alone and being by myself.  I never again felt like there was someone in my house with me.  I use to hesitate to go downstairs in the dark but now I do not even second guess it.  I think I was able to get through this because I was able to form a meaningful relationship with this fear of being alone in the dark.  I started to appreciate silence and my alone time. Never again did I feel the anxiety and the grip of fear strangling me in the neck.  I had embraced it and I faced it head on.  And it became like this for many things through exposure and mere repetition and the act of me forming a positive relationship with my fear that helped me change my perspective in life.  Now I know too well that fear is all just an illusion and that perspective is different for each person.  My fear for other things began to dissipate and I began to stand up for myself more and be more confident in my actions and decisions.  

Facing my fears affected every area of my life and I started to live more and more everyday.  William Wallace said that, “every man dies, but not every man lives’.  And I think this is so because of fear.  Fear cripples us from living the life that we really want to live.  It keeps us in a box that we feel comfortable and safe in.  I never knew how much of a box I was in until I started to break out of it.  Now the norm is to break out of my box every chance I get so that I can live the life that I want to live everyday.  

Cheers everyone


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